Why You Should Consider Moving to San Antonio, Texas

April 19, 2022

When you think of Texas, Dallas, Houston, or Austin may come to mind as the best cities to live in. Though they may sound appealing, they are, at times, overwhelming, full of tourists, and expensive. 

San Antonio, on the other hand, is one of the Lone Star state’s biggest metropolitan areas with a small-town vibe. 

San Antonio is home to 1.3 million people, making it Texas’s second-largest city. It has something to offer everyone, whether you want to settle down with your family, attend a university, or find an affordable place to live. 

Thinking about moving to San Antonio, TX? Check out this Sterling Interstate guide to find out why San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

History of San Antonio, TX

San Antonio has a rich history and many local attractions to prove it. Beyond the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, built to preserve Latino and Native American culture, San Antonio also boasts the three following attractions: 

  • Battle of the Alamo: San Antonio is the site of the famous battle of the Alamo in 1836. It is now one of San Antonio’s most famous tourist destinations. 
  • Spanish Governor’s Palace: The Spanish built this palace out of adobe in the 18th century when Texas still belonged to Spain. This is a great place to learn about Texas’s colonial heritage. 
  • San Fernando Cathedral: If you’re a fan of European architecture, you should visit the San Fernando Cathedral. Though stylistically there are some differences between this cathedral and those found in Europe, the Spanish also established this building in 1738. People still attend mass there today.

Cost of Living

Moving to San Antonio is a great idea because the cost of living is 14% lower than the nation’s average price. It has a booming job market as well.

Buying a House

Despite the ever-increasing prices of the housing market in San Antonio, it is still relatively affordable to buy a house outside the center. More than half the homes on the market in 2019 cost less than $200,000. The median price was $176,000 (29% less than the national average).

Income Tax

For those who don’t live in Texas, the state government surprisingly does not collect income tax. However, higher property and business taxes cover the lack of funds.  

Job Market

If you need a job, San Antonio is the place to look. The average salary is around $43,000 a year, though this varies depending on your field and level of expertise. There are jobs available in the following industries: 

  • Hospitality
  • Tourism
  • Bioscience
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Education 
  • And more

San Antonio is also a military city. As it is home to both Joint Base San Antonio and Fort Sam Houston, there are several options available for both training and jobs within the military and (more specifically) the Air Force. 

Transportation in San Antonio

Like many US cities, the best way to get around San Antonio is by car. The average commute is 25 minutes, although if you get stuck in rush hour traffic on US 281, IH 35, or IH 401, your drive home may be significantly longer. 

San Antonio has a bike-sharing program called B Cycle and a bus system called VIA Metropolitan. Some parts of the city are more walkable than others, such as the 15-mile-long River Walk. 

Best Neighborhoods

Best for a Fast-Paced City Experience: Downtown

Like most American cities, downtown San Antonio is the most lively area to live in. It has a fantastic food scene and options for walking and commuting via bike. Houses are more expensive here than in other parts of the city, but you can easily rent in this neighborhood. 

Best for Food and Culture: Tobin Hill and Pearl

Tobin and Pearl have become one of the city’s most popular neighborhoods for young professionals because of the Pearl Brewery. Though no longer operational, this building now houses some of San Antonio’s best restaurants and events. This scene has flooded into the surrounding community. 

Best for Luxurious Living: Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is one of San Antonio’s most expensive neighborhoods. It is about a 15-minute drive from downtown and is home to the impressive Alamo Heights School District. The homes here are stunning, and many are also historic, adding to the elegant feel of the neighborhood. 

Best for Its School District: Boerne 

Boerne is a suburb located about 30 miles northwest of the center. This is a great option for families looking for affordable living, as homes cost around $250,000 or more. Boerne boasts a great school district and is an easy drive from San Antonio. 

What to Do on the Weekends in San Antonio, TX

Besides going out for a drink or dinner on the weekends, there are plenty of other attractions. Beautiful scenery is easily accessible in and out of the city. You can check out the River Walk or Eisenhower Park for local natural spots. 

You can take a tour just outside of San Antonio at the Natural Bridge Caverns and Wildlife Range. 

There are many festivals and cultural events that take place in San Antonio as well, such as Diwali, Fiesta San Antonio, and the Texas Folklife Festival. If you’re a fan of sports, catch a game with the San Antonio Spurs or Missions. You can also check out the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo. 

Finally, there are some nearby theme parks, such as Sea World and Six Flags Fiesta Texas, for anyone looking to entertain their kids. 

Looking for a San Antonio, TX Moving Company?

If you’re thinking about moving to San Antonio, you’ll likely need some help. Uprooting your life to move somewhere new is difficult, which is why you should consider hiring a moving company to help. 

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