When and Why to Use Custom Crating

June 7, 2022

Planning your move can be a very daunting task, especially organizing and packing all of your stuff. While a lot of preparation work goes into a move, an excellent way to ensure a seamless, stress-free moving process is by using custom crating.

What is Custom Crating?

Crating involves packing for a move using shipping crates instead of standard cardboard boxes from your local home store. Shipping crates are much sturdier and can hold a lot of weight without collapsing or falling apart.

A custom crate is produced in a specific size and material to protect your things for safe storage or a long haul. Crates help to fit your moving needs so that you do not have to try to fit your stuff into one size fits all boxes or place fragile glassware in basic materials.

There are two different types of shipping crates: wood and reusable.

When packing heavy items or shipping boxes over long distances, it is better to use a wooden crate. You can reuse these highly durable crates many times over if you have a suitable place to store them to keep the wood in good condition. Wooden crates are great for short- and long-distance moving, and we recommend them if you plan to store something for an extended period.

Reusable crates are less durable than wood crates, but with the benefit that you can break them down and rebuild them when needed. Therefore, they are great for saving space but are slightly less sturdy than a wooden crate.

The Benefits of Custom Crating

Custom crating offers protection for your valuables

Everything you own will have a different level of durability, especially during a move. By custom crating, you can ensure that the correct padding and a fitted box are used for fragile items to ensure nothing breaks during transit, whether locally or internationally.

Custom crating is cost-efficient compared to standard crates or boxes

While custom crating is an expensive up-front cost, crates will eventually pay for themselves if you are someone who moves items often. This is because custom crates usually are easily storable and reusable. They also help reduce the damage that commonly occurs when moving fragile material in standard cardboard moving boxes.

Custom crating can come in any size

Whether you want to move a few champagne glasses or valuable furniture on moving day, custom crates can come in any size. This ensures no movement inside the containers, causing damage to your valuables.

Custom crates come with moving instructions

Most custom crates will have labels on the outside to ensure movers know when something is fragile and in which direction the package should be. This makes sure that no matter who moves your things, they will know how to move the package most safely and effectively.

Rely on the Experts for Packing, Custom Crating, and Moving

When you partner with the move planning and crating specialists at Sterling Interstate in Phoenix, AZ, we handle your items with the utmost care, whether you’re moving across the street or to another state. With years of experience in custom crating, loading, transport, and unloading, we deliver your furniture and belongings safely and securely, no matter how fragile.

When using Sterling Interstate for custom crating and moving, we will measure each item by hand to design the crate specifically for your unique item. Then, one of our moving experts will walk you through our crating process, including the packing materials, to ensure you are comfortable with the moving manner.

If you are interested in learning more about Sterling Interstate’s custom crating services, don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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