Tips for Downsizing Your Home

July 28, 2020

These days, downsizing is a common occurrence with many Americans opting for smaller, more efficient homes in lieu of sprawling residences. There’s also a trend in motion to scrap the negative term “downsizing” in favor of the more positive “right-sizing.” Often, this new term is more accurate as Americans realize their homes are far more spacious (and costly) than they need to be. Larger spaces lead to larger electric bills and more, so “right-sizing” carries with it many benefits. Are you on the verge of moving to a smaller home? Here are a few suggestions to help you make a smooth transition.

Sketch out which large items will fit

Do you really need three recliners and two couches? And will they even fit in your smaller home? Sketch out your new home with dimensions so you can accurately determine what will fit comfortably. You can use graph paper to create a measured grid for each room so you can visualize what will fit and what won’t. Better to get rid of large, bulky items before your move then to move them needlessly and then have to deal with disposing of them. Downsizing to a smaller home is a great opportunity to declutter and organize your life. Books like “Decluttering at the Speed of Life” and “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” can help you approach your belongings with a new perspective. Downsizing is a great way to “lean out” your whole life and move on with only those items you truly love.

Create lots of storage areas in your new home

When it comes to storage, you’re not constrained to just closets and cabinets anymore. With the proliferation of shops like The Container Store, you can find countless ways to turn wasted space into valuable storage opportunities. For example, create instant, hidden closet space with flat, plastic bins. Fill these flat containers with winter clothes and slide them under all the beds. Want to fit even more inside each bin? Use a vacuum sealer to remove the air and compress the contents. You can even opt for decorative underbed bins to hide clothing while creating a lovely look for the bedroom. 

Creative storage options are everywhere if you try thinking outside-the-box. A cute tablecloth not only uplevels a worn out table, but also creates hidden storage underneath. A soft, over-the-door shoe organizer can become Barbie-doll storage with each doll nestling comfortably into a shoe pocket. Dozens of unruly stuffed animals can become the soft (hidden) filling for a comfortable beanbag chair. When you start to look at the world from a “hidden storage” perspective, you’ll find it becomes easy to turn your new, smaller home into a storage mecca.

Whether you call it downsizing or right-sizing, moving into a smaller home can be a lovely adventure with the right mindset. Try to breathe and enjoy the process of lightening up your life. You may be surprised at how good it feels to let things go.

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