Tips and Hacks for Moving in Together and Combining Households

August 3, 2021

Moving out of the place that you’ve made home can be stressful and emotional. That experience can be made even worse when you’re moving in with another person and combining your households! Rather than stressing out though, these simple tips and hacks will make your move an easy, breezy one. 

Make lists

One of the most powerful tools you can use when you’re moving is the simple list. We’re using one right now! Lists can accomplish so many things for you. Here are some lists that we suggest you make:

  • A list of what you have – taking stock can help you have a clearer picture of what you own. This makes it easier to sort out your stuff. 
  • A list of what you want to donate/throw – once you’ve sorted out what you’d like to keep, the rest of your items should be dealt with accordingly. Those 3-year old socks you love, have more holes in them than a slice of Swiss cheese, throw them out!
  • A list of duplicates – there will be many items that are in perfect condition, but will already be available at your new home. Toasters, irons, tables, mugs, and so on. Keep only what you really love and what the person you’re moving in with is happy to keep. 


Now isn’t the time to hoard! Moving is a great time to clear out old things. If you haven’t touched something in months and don’t remember the last time you used it, it’s time to get rid of it. Let someone else use it if it’s still in good condition. If not, take it to a recycling center or something similar. 

Don’t be overly detached

Moving out of somewhere you’ve called home can be an emotional time, and you might find that you want to keep things that remind you of your old home or make you feel like the space is yours. This isn’t bad. Keep the things that spark joy in your life and make you feel at home – as long as there’s space for it in your new place and the person you’re moving in with is agreeable.

Label everything

Making sure that you label boxes can really take away the headache for you (and possibly your moving company) from trying to figure out what’s what. Additionally, labeling everything means that you and your moving company will know what to be gentle and extra careful with (that antique glass table you like) and what can be handled a little less carefully (your box of old stuffed toys). In your new home, these labels will also go a long way in aiding your unpacking process!

Consider space

Your new home may not be of the same dimensions as your old one. You may have more space, less space, or the same amount of space but in a very different shape. Try and figure out which of your belongings can go where before you move so that you’re not stuck with a king bed in a room that’s only really made for a double. 


Moving in with someone can mean that you’ll both want different things. Maybe they’d like the table near the window and you’d like some privacy. Perhaps they didn’t want you to bring your decorative pillows but your mom gave them to you, so you insisted on them. Whatever the case, you’re sharing a living space now and it’s all about compromise. You both made a choice to live together and it’s normal to have differing opinions, but compromising will keep you both happy and make your living space a home. 

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