Seven Reasons to Invest in a Storage Unit

February 28, 2022

Laying out the pros of investing in self-storage short-term or year-round.

Maximizing your home storage is essential to keeping your space tidy and organized. But sometimes your space just isn’t enough.

This month, we’ve talked a lot about how to clean and declutter your space for moving and everyday use. This week, we’ll explore some external options. Here are seven reasons you should invest in a storage unit, whether it be short-term or year-long.

Make Moving Easier

Moving is stressful. Moving with a storage unit is a little less.

The best reason to invest in a storage unit is to make moving easier. With a storage unit, you can plan your move in sections, starting with the most important and easy-to-transport items before moving on to heavier pieces of furniture.

Also, you won’t be rushed to move your items out by the end of a month, nor will you have to worry about the gap between move-out day and move-in day. With a storage unit, you can move on your schedule, not around it.

If you are someone who moves or travels frequently, a storage unit is a great place to keep your valuable belongings without having to transport them or worry about their security until you have a permanent residence. 

You Have a Small Space

If you’re moving to a smaller home or have a small space to begin with, investing in a storage unit year-round is a great way to save space without losing any items or furniture pieces you want to keep.

 Storage units are optimal for items you don’t need every day but don’t necessarily want to get rid of. Seasonal items or items that are used less frequently, such as holiday decorations can also be easily stored and accessed in a unit to help organize some of that clutter in your closets, attics, and garages.

Going Through Home Renovation  

Maybe space isn’t your problem. Maybe you have a huge space and want to do some redecorating or home renovations. Investing in a storage unit can help you complete home renovation projects such as knocking down walls or painting without worrying about damaging your personal items or stuffing furniture in random rooms.

Organize Business Inventory and Important Documents

With many of us working from home or in a hybrid capacity, it’s easy for documents, equipment, and inventory to pile up in our living spaces. Investing in a storage unit is a simple solution for storing work-related items clogging up your rooms and/or home office.

With a year-round storage unit, you can easily organize all your documents, equipment, and inventory in one space. Think of it as your home office away from your home office. I have even seen people who have craft businesses use their units for screen printing or a small studio.

Store Vehicles and Sports Equipment

Vehicle enthusiast? Investing in a year-round storage unit is a great way to store parts, tools, and seasonal vehicles such as motorcycles, small boats, and campers and parts that may not fit in your garage or other places of storage. 

Play a lot of sports that require bulky equipment? Skis, snowboards, and water vehicles can also safely be stored in a unit. 

One added perk is that most storage units are temperature-controlled, meaning it will be safer for your equipment than attics and garages that are subject to the elements.

Storing a Loved One’s Belongings

Changes in relationship statuses often affect living situations. Having a storage unit is a great way to alleviate the worry about personal items getting lost in the shuffle or avoid awkward interactions during transitions.

 Inversely, if a change in relationship status means moving in together, a storage unit is a great way to store the items of one or both of your belongings while you decide what is coming with you to the new place and what needs to be sold, donated or dumped.

 Having a storage unit can also be beneficial for changes in relationships with family members, such as moving a parent or loved one into your home or assisted living or storing your college kid’s furniture while school is out of session.

The Cost and Convenience 

The thing most people don’t realize about storage units is how accessible they are. Depending on when and where you rent a unit, it will likely be a far better deal than any moving service and much more convenient than asking a friend to store a few things while you’re in transition. I’ve seen deals as low as $19 a month for the first three months without any long-term agreements. That’s like the cost of one streaming service for a whole room of extra space!

Some companies even provide trucks to help you get your items to and from the unit.

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