Purging Your Things to Start the New Year Fresh

December 28, 2021

The idea of stepping into a brand new fresh year excites all of us. It gives us hope that our life will be more sorted out in the coming year. You can take advantage of this excitement for decluttering your house even if you don’t follow the ‘New Year, new me’ mantra. 

We hold on to useless stuff because we can’t let go of things easily, even if they are a burden. Get rid of the clutter, and you’ll feel grateful for that. Here are some ideas for purging your things to start the New Year fresh.

Donate Your Old Clothes

Do you have some old clothes that you don’t wear, and they are just taking up the space in your wardrobe? Go through your wardrobe, actually clean out the closet, and take out your extra clothes. Neatly fold them, pack them and gift them with grace to the people in need. 

This is the best way to let go of your old clothes with a sense of satisfaction.

Go Through Skincare Products

Do you hoard skincare products, and most of them expire before you finish them? Look for them in your drawers and throw them away. Organizing the drawers will create enough space for the new products. If you have some unexpired products that you don’t use, you can give them away to someone who might like them.

Organize Your Bedside Tables

Bedside tables can be pretty messy because they can act as a catch-all when we are too unmotivated to place them in the right place. So, they get cluttered with bobby pins, books piled up, newspapers, gadgets, and much more. 

It should only take a few minutes to go through your bedside tables and remove anything unwanted or the things that have been lying there unused for some time.

Go Through Your Kitchen

Go through your kitchen, thoroughly clean everything from racks and cabinets to the kitchen counter and table. 

Take things out of your pantry and check out their expiration date. Throw away the expired food products and reorganize your pantry. 

Watch for the old containers in your pantry that are only taking up space. Give them away to the recycling facility or repurpose them creatively if you’re into crafting or DIY. 

If you are too bored of some of your mugs, plates, or other utensils and want to refresh your kitchen before the new year, you can give some of your old kitchen items to someone and buy new ones for yourself.

Get Rid of Old Electronics

Do you still have your old phones that don’t work, video games, CDs, DVDs, controllers, or other useless electronics? Go through your space and take out all such items. You can sell the usable items on eBay or donate them for a good cause. Most charity organizations accept e-waste. 

Some electronic manufacturers do buy old electronics and recycle them. You can find such electronic waste collectors in your town and sell them your e-products. 

Have old Apple products? Apple and some other phone providers buy your old phones. So, grab a few bucks and declutter your space at the same time.

You can play a part in keeping the environment clean by giving your electronic products to the recycling facilities. 

Give Away the Books You’ll Never Read Again

If there are some old books that are only collecting dust on your bookshelf and you don’t have any plan to read them, gift them to someone who loves reading. 

Give Away Old Toys

Kids often get bored of the old toys and never look back, or they just grow up. You can pack unused toys in durable boxes and give them away. This can create extra space in your rooms, wardrobes, and storage area.

Decluttering your house right before the new year can give you a sense of excitement and uplift your mood. It can be a pretty engaging activity to do on the weekend. Take out a day and get rid of the unwanted stuff that has only consumed the space and make room for the new things that you want to buy.

Enjoy an organized space and take a fresh start!

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