Pros and Cons of Living in Colorado

September 7, 2021

The state of Colorado boasts glorious landscapes, bustling cities, and delicious food. These qualities (and more) make Colorado the home to some of the best cities to move to in 2021.

Before you pack up your belongings and call a trusted moving company, let’s explore the pros and cons of living in Colorado.

Pros of Living in Colorado

If you’re planning the move to Colorado, then you can expect the following benefits.

Strong Economy

There are a few factors that contribute to a strong economy. Low unemployment rates, growing business opportunities, and a large skilled workforce are just a few. Colorado offers all of these attributes. 

Colorado is ranked as the number two state for its thriving economy. It is a highly rated business environment, has a high employment rate, and is positioned for economic growth.

In particular, the diversified economy is known for the science and technology industries. Other major industries that are flourishing in Colorado include craft beer and agriculture. 

Low Taxes

Taxes are essential for a functional society, however, nobody wants to pay rates that are sky-high. In Colorado, high taxes aren’t a concern, and this benefits both individuals and businesses. 

Colorado offers a top corporate tax rate of less than 5%, giving businesses more money to invest and grow. Personal income tax rates are also reasonable, with a flat income rate, so high earners aren’t impacted. 

Colorado also offers one of the lowest property taxes in the country, following behind Hawaii and Alabama. 

Great Outdoor Activities

With Colorado’s majestic mountains, stunning lakes, and lush forests, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities to enjoy in the Centennial State. 

Locals and travelers alike enjoy going on hikes, absorbing the picturesque views, and camping by lakes. With at least four established national parks, it’s easy to fill your calendar with fun weekends away spent in the great outdoors. 

One of the most notable outdoor activities to enjoy in Colorado is skiing. The state offers dozens of ski resorts, offering a world-class experience.

High Quality of Medical Care

Colorado is one of the top 10 states for medical care. The state’s healthcare is ranked high after considering health care access, quality, and overall public health. In turn, this gives residents peace of mind and confidence in the system. 

The excellent quality of medical care goes hand-in-hand with Colorado’s high quality of life. A combination of a stable economy and choice of outdoor activities contributes to positive overall well-being. 

Cons of Living in Colorado

While Colorado is a great state to live in, there are a few concerns to consider. 

High Cost of Housing

The cost of a home makes up a large portion of a budget. In Colorado, this portion of the budget is especially large. Compared to other states, Colorado is one of the most expensive to buy (or rent) a house, with the average home value being $412,819.

The increasing number of people that have moved to Colorado, particularly Denver, has contributed to the rising cost of housing. Unfortunately, the average salary doesn’t necessarily support the expense.

High Cost of Living

The benefits of living in Colorado come at a cost. If the family budget is strained, then you may need to reassess your finances before making the move. Daily expenses, such as fuel and groceries, cost more than other states. 

Within Colorado, there are more expensive areas to live in. For example, the capital city in Denver or in highly coveted mountainous areas. The high cost of living, combined with the housing costs, need to be considered before making the move.

Extreme Weather Changes

Many people enjoy the weather in Colorado, especially when prepared with the correct clothing. However, the extreme weather changes between seasons could be considered as a negative by others. 

The winter brings chilly winds and snow, while the summer offers raging heat. These extreme weather patterns are not only seasonal, and the weather can change in rather short periods of time. When living in Colorado, a little bit of preparation can go a long way!

Traffic Can Be a Nightmare

The rise in urbanization, especially in metropolitan areas, has led to an increase in traffic. With a high level of employment, a large percentage of the population spends the morning in the car on the way to work. As a result, rush hour traffic can be chaotic. 

Rather than put on a podcast and get comfortable in the car, drivers in Colorado tend to speed and become agitated. If you’re considering a move to Colorado, be prepared for traffic.

Make the Move an Easy One

Relocating is an exciting experience, but it can also be a stressful time. Hiring a professional moving company for your move to Colorado can make the process easy and stress-free.

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