Moving with Kids

December 12, 2023

Ready to tackle moving with kids in tow? We’ve got you covered with some awesome advice to make the whole experience a breeze – and even fun! From keeping those all-important routines in place to turning packing into a playful adventure, our roll-up article is packed with smart, friendly tips to help smooth the way. We’ll show you how to involve your little ones in the process, making them feel part of the exciting change. Plus, we’ve got some clever tricks up our sleeve to keep things organized and stress-free.

Little girl helping to pack, Maintain Routine

You know how kids love their routines? Well, turns out, keeping these routines going during a move is a total game-changer. It helps them feel all comfy and secure, even when everything else is changing. The article had some neat tips: like, try to keep meal and bedtime routines steady, make sure those fave teddy bears or toys are easy to find, and maybe get the kids involved in some moving tasks. Also, don’t forget to mix in some fun times – it’s a stress-buster and keeps things light. It’s all about creating a little bubble of the familiar in the chaos of moving. Super helpful stuff for making the big move a bit smoother for the little ones!

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man giving child teddy bear, Make Moving Fun

A bit of creativity can turn a stressful move into a cool adventure for the little ones. How about making packing a race or decorating boxes like a craft project? Or, get this, creating a special moving day playlist to groove to while boxing up stuff. Throwing a goodbye party is a sweet way to wrap up memories, and hey, reading books about moving can help kids get their heads around the big change. There’s even a tip about doing a treasure hunt in the new house – how fun is that? Basically, it’s all about turning the move into a bunch of exciting activities. Love how these ideas can turn frowns upside down!
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Family of four carrying moving boxes, Practical Tips

Here are some super practical tips for making a big move smoother for the little ones and furry friends. Key advice? Start prepping them early for the change. Show kids the new place and let pets sniff around those moving boxes. Staying in touch with your pediatrician and vet is crucial, especially for travel tips. And hey, don’t forget to pet-proof and child-proof the new home! On moving day, ensure the kiddos and pets have their own safe spaces while you handle the heavy stuff. And once you’re all settled in, don’t forget to update their details. It’s all about keeping everyone safe, involved, and as stress-free as possible!

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Family packing, Planning Guide

If you’ve got a move coming up and little ones in tow, the key is to loop them in early. Get them pumped about the new adventure and maybe even make a scrapbook of your current place to ease any nerves. Planning is crucial, so start ticking things off that to-do list sooner rather than later. Get the kiddos involved in packing – maybe turn it into a fun game or use a color-coding system to keep things organized. And hey, don’t be shy about using some kid-free time to power through the packing. Moving’s a big deal, but with a bit of positivity and some smart planning, it can be a fun family experience.

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