Purge the Closet and Kitchen Before You Pack

March 4, 2020

Although most people are not fans of the moving in Arizona process, it does offer an opportunity to purge things you no longer need. There is something cathartic about going through all of your belongings and tossing things you don’t use anymore. When you do this, you don’t move things needlessly, and you feel somehow lighter and leaner afterwards. Here, we discuss two areas to focus on purging before your Arizona move.

Get Rid of Excess Clothing

The closet is one space that can always benefit from some thinning out. Who doesn’t have years-old-and-as-yet-unworn clothes in their closet? We all do. That’s because we all think we might one day want to wear that slinky, lime-green dress we got on sale for ten dollars. That event somehow never happens and we still have the dress ten years later. Same goes for those ancient bell bottoms that might come back into style one day. Or the five paisley shirts we thought would be cool, but aren’t. 

Marie Kondo, bestselling author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and star of Netflix’s hit show, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo,” offers sage advice when it comes to purging clothing and other items. The foundational tenet of her method is to only keep items that “spark joy” for you. So, when it comes to thinning out that closet, you would hold each garment in your hands and consider how you feel when you hold it. If you feel nothing or you don’t love it, it goes on the discard pile. Only those things that bring you happiness are allowed to stay. If you tend to have a hard time letting go of old clothes, Marie’s method will be a tremendous help – possibly even life-changing.

Get Rid of Dusty Appliances and Barely-Ever-Used Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen is a fantastic place to trim down and lighten up before your move in Arizona. Remember that Instant Pot you bought two years ago and never used? It’s right next to the juicer you bought a year before that and used once. These giant dust collectors must be evaluated with a realistic eye. Just because you spent $200 on a kitchen appliance is not a good enough reason to move it to your next home. Be ruthless in the paring down your kitchen before a move. Once again you can use Marie Kondo’s method; evaluating whether or not each item sparks joy for you.

How many coffee cups does one family of four need? How many plates, bowls and serving dishes? Isn’t one set of basic silverware more than enough for two people? Ask yourself these questions and then junk the excess. You won’t miss all that extra kitchenware and your move will be far less bulky and time-consuming. Plus, you’ll love putting away just the items you need in your new home – less really can be more in the kitchen.

Planning to hire movers in Arizona? Before they arrive on moving day, be sure to spend some quality time in your closet and kitchen before you start packing boxes. Get rid of everything you don’t love or use by donating it, selling it or gifting it to friends and family. Purging is the first step to a happier move.

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