Moving for Life’s Transitions

December 13, 2022

Moving and relocating can be quite an adventure, especially when the move is part of a major life transition. Whether you’re moving in with a romantic partner, adding more members to the family, or downsizing your space as your family gets older, there’s no shortage of thrills and spills that come along with it. Even relocating in your senior years carries excitement and stress in equal measure. With so many emotions swirling around such big moments, at least you can take comfort knowing the actual move will be seen as a mere blip compared to all the other changes happening in your life!

Happy couple embracing while surrounded by boxes | Moving to Live with a Loved One

The day has finally come: you’re relocating and starting a new chapter with the person you love. Relocating can be difficult enough, let alone if you’re moving in with another person and combining households! While raising your stress levels may feel preprogrammed into the relocating process, it doesn’t have to be. Check out our article, Tips and Hacks for Moving in Together and Combining Households, for a few relocating hacks that can make this next chapter of your life as easy breezy as possible.

Two moving men unloading a moving truck in front of an apartment building. | Moving for Your Career

As relocating for a job becomes more accessible with modern remote work capabilities, companies must offer competitive packages to win over top talent. If you’re looking to move your team in and make relocating easier on everyone involved, then hiring professional movers is key! Their expert service will help workers transition quickly and efficiently, allowing them to focus on the new environment they are entering. Plus they got all the moving boxes and padding so you don’t even have to think about it – now that’s a sweet deal if we ever saw one! Check out our article Top Four Corporate Relocation Trends for 2022 to help keep you ahead of the competition.

Relocating can be a hassle, especially when it comes to relocating due to military orders. As such, hiring a moving company that understands the unique relocating needs of military families is key! A military moving company has plenty of experience helping service members make the transition from one duty station to another as stress-free and seamless as possible. Check out our article Hiring a Moving Company for a Military Permanent Change of Location: An Essential Guide and get helpful tips for your next PCS.

Middle aged couple standing together smiling in front of home | Moving to Downsize

Ready to relocating from a family home into something a bit smaller? Downsizing may be the way to go, but you don’t want to jump in too quickly. Before making the big move, make sure to weigh up your options and consider how much simpler (and cheaper) life would be with a smaller abode. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here – it all depends on where you’re relocating and what lifestyle choice suits you best. Check out our article Downsizing for a Move: The Right Time to Relocate from Your Family Home to help determine if downsizing is right for you.

young woman hugging elderly woman in wheelchair | Moving for Seniors

Moving to a new place can be a stressful event, especially for our beloved seniors. Moving can be an emotional and challenging process, so we’ve come up with some tips that will make relocating your favorite senior easier. Check out our article Helping Seniors Move: Downsizing Tips for Senior Moving for tips to help senior moving a little easier, and a little less stressful.

Moving and relocating can be quite the ride, no matter where you’re headed. From starting a new life with your significant other to taking the big downsizing plunge when kids fly the nest – big life changes always come with their own thrill and spills. Even relocating in your senior years has its share of excitement alongside a healthy dose of stress. At the end of the day, all these incredible transitions are much more than just moves – they’re adventures! When relocating for adventures like these, Sterling Interstate is here to help you ensure that this dizzying whirlwind won’t be so overwhelming after all

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