Moving and Packing with Pets

December 9, 2020

Preparing for a move is a busy time and can make our furry and feathered family members stress. The secret to moving with pets is to plan ahead. This helps them stay safe and deal with the stress of change.

Check with Your Vet

Before you move, check-in with your veterinarian’s office. You’ll want to ensure your pet is up to date on medical treatments. Take the opportunity to discuss any health concerns and guard against them. If you’re moving out of the area, ask if you will need a health certification, and be sure to collect your pet’s medical records. 

Update Records 

If your pet has a microchip or a subscription to services like Chewys or Bark Box, be sure to update your new address. Check with your state and local ordinances for registration requirements and regulations. 


Pets are most often lost during the moving transition. If your pet is lost, the best thing you can do to ensure your pet makes it back to you is to put your name on them. For dogs and cats, this can be an ID tag on their collar. For birds, consider an ID bracelet. Be sure your cell phone number is prominently displayed and easily readable. If your pet will be in a carrier or kennel, it’s a great idea to add a tag to it. Include the destination address, your name, phone number, and even an alternate contact, on an external label, just in case. It’s a simple step that might make all the difference.

Away From the Action

Moving day can be very stressful for pets. It’s best to keep pets away from the action. If you can remove them from the home, perhaps a visit to a pet hotel would be the best option. If not, try to seclude them in a room and surround them with familiar items, like favorite toys or blankets. 

Transporting Pets

Moving pets from one home to another can be tricky. Your pet would prefer to travel with you if possible. If you’re able to transport your pet, be sure, they are secured in the vehicle. If you’re not able to transport them yourself, consider contacting a Pet Transportation Expert for help. 


Once you move to the new home, it’s time to introduce your space to your pet. This is best done during a clam time. It’s a good idea to set up your pet’s “home base” as soon as possible. This is a safe place with items that are familiar, like their toys or bed. Try to be patient as your pet adjusts to the new sights, sounds, and smells. 


Before you unleash your pet in your new home, do a thorough pet-proofing. Make sure the house and yard are secure. When your pet finally gets to explore, you don’t want them to find their way out. They might try to find their way back to the old house. Also, look out for poisonous plants…for example, poinsettia plants (which are all over this holiday season) are toxic to animals. 

The key to a successful move with pets is to plan ahead. Even though moving can be a stressful time for pets, all they need is a little patience. After all, being with you is what makes them happiest. 

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