3 Questions to Make Your Next Move Stress-free

June 6, 2019

Moving is stressful enough, especially without knowing how you will move all your items from point A to point B. You can always ask your friends, offering the hallmark olive branch of pizza and beer for their laborious service. But, it can be a coin toss if they’ll pick up their phone next time you call after your weekend warrior survives moving.

Maybe your family member with the pickup truck can be allured into shuttling your prized possessions in the bed of their truck. Hopefully they remember to blanket and strap down items to avoid losing anything on the way. Or, you could choose to hire a professional moving company, but who?

There are many different methods you can choose from to make sure your next moving company is the best choice for you. When sifting through your sources of potential movers, knowing the answer to some questions may help in the decision process.

#1. Is your next move local or long distance?

This question should be your easiest to answer. When moving local, finding a company with years of experience balancing safe techniques and efficiency is your best bet. Understanding the intricacies demanded in ensuring a smooth move can only come with experience. Have your prospective movers explain how they’re going to make your move seamless and stress-free.

We are here to help weigh what options are best suited for your needs at every step of the moving process. Starting with knowledgeable staff to answer any questions about what you can expect from us, daily status updates of your truck’s progress, and assurance that everything is placed and set up to your satisfaction.

#2. What is your budget and what are your physical limitations?

Knowing your budget and physical limitations can be deciding factors in narrowing down what moving method is best for you. Storage container companies and sharing space on large tractor-trailers are cost effective options. Storage container companies usually drop off a storage box that is filled by either the homeowner or hired help. Knowing if you’re physically capable of loading these containers will determine if outside help is required.

Know your limitations. If you decide to do it yourself, be sure to select the right boxes for your move. Please use ample pads for furniture and tie-downs to secure your load. Some of these storage boxes are built with better tie-down areas than others. The lockers can be moved around at hubs before being placed on trailers with other storage boxes to go out for delivery. It’s important you feel confident in the loading of these containers before going this route.

Rather, some companies provide space on large tractor-trailers where you can pay by the foot. Both of these options can be great for long-distance moves because the price is shared amongst multiple families. However, your items could move many times before hitting the road. It’s not uncommon for larger companies to move items from trucks into storage before reloading to the truck that will be delivering your items. It’s questionable who will be loading, driving, and unloading all your prized possessions and who will take responsibility if damage occurs.

Sterling Interstate does things a little different. We offer dedicated trucks and professional relocation specialists for every move. This ensures your items aren’t shuffled around, opening the door to potential damage. Having the same team from start to finish also avoids guesswork of where items are in the truck. The team knows where responsibility lies. They will guarantee you feel comfortable with delivery in your new home.

#3. Do you have a timeline for pickup and delivery?

Some folks don’t need their items right away. But, many can’t afford to take weeks or months waiting for their furniture to arrive at their new home. Larger carriers can wait until there is a full route mapped out with a loaded truck of multiple family’s items before starting their journey for delivery.

With Sterling Interstate, you can expect exact delivery dates with fast turnaround times. Each move uses devoted trucks and an assigned team to complete your move. Dedicated trucks offer your family the flexibility to choose timelines that work best for them. It makes for a smooth transition without wondering when your new home will be complete with furniture.

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