3 Tips for Choosing a Scottsdale Moving Company

February 18, 2020

Few things are as stressful as moving your entire life from one home to another. Add to that the chore of researching and selecting a good moving company and it can send you right over the edge. We’ve compiled our top three tips for choosing movers in Scottsdale or elsewhere in the state and country. If you pay attention to these three items you are sure to have a positive moving experience.

Opinions of Previous Customers

One of the most accurate indicators of a moving company’s level of professionalism are the opinions of previous clients. As you likely already know, if someone has a bad experience with a mover they will shout it from the rooftops all over social media. So do your due diligence and dig around a bit. Do they have a solid digital reputation? Do customers seem pleased with how their moves went? Is the company willing to give you one or two previous customers to talk to? If the answer is yes, then your first box has been checked!

When assessing moving company reviews or talking to a moving company’s previous customers, make sure you look for key items like:

  • Were they on time?
  • Did they pack the items well?
  • Did they have positive attitudes during the move?
  • Did they keep them informed about timing, etc?

Consistent Communication

Few things are as frustrating (and nerve wracking) then wondering if your Arizona moving company will actually show up (on-time) on your moving day. As if moving wasn’t stressful enough, many companies are notorious for arriving late, not letting you know when they’ll arrive, or, never showing up at all. That’s why you want to choose a moving company that has a good reputation for consistent communication.

Sadly, it’s common for your Scottsdale movers to kind of disappear once you pay a deposit and schedule your move. In fact, poor communication is one of people’s biggest complaints about moving companies. In Arizona, we recommend talking to one or two previous customers to ask how the movers were in terms of communication. Look for a company that is quick to respond to your questions and keeps you in the loop before and during moving day.

In-House Moving Staff

Your movers in Arizona are going to handle every item you own; not a job to be taken lightly. When you’re interviewing potential movers, be sure to ask if they have an in-house moving staff or if they subcontract out. Also look for that mentioned in any online reviews. Always choose a moving company that has its own dedicated staff of movers in order to ensure the highest levels of professionalism and care in handling your possessions. When you hire a company with its own moving staff, there is an additional layer of trust that is key to a smooth moving experience.

Follow our three tips for choosing the right movers in Scottsdale and you will eliminate layers of moving stress. We would love to be your moving company of choice. Call Elliot today at (602) 643-9022 to set up your free walk-through and quote.

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