How to Prepare for Your Move

December 14, 2021

Moving can be exciting, but the idea of packing and moving all your belongings can be pretty intimidating. It’s best to plan ahead and understand what needs to be done for your move to avoid unnecessary stress.

Following are the crucial things to do before you start packing:

Use a Notebook or a Spreadsheet

Planning is the first and the most important thing to do while preparing for your move. Get a notebook and make a list of everything that you want to take with you. This way you will not forget to pack your important stuff.

Next, categorize your things based on their use, such as cutlery, books, toys, furniture, etc. This will make it easier for you to organize things before packing. Put like items together for easier packaging. 

Buy the Packaging Material

Organizing your goods will give you an idea of the number of boxes you will need to buy and help estimate the cost of moving. A few helpful items to buy are durable boxes, tapes, permanent markers, and bubble wraps. Don’t underestimate newspapers because they can come in handy for packing breakable items.

Create a Labeling System

Labeling your boxes is the best thing you can do to avoid frustration upon unpacking. Create a system, so you’ll easily know where each box belongs. Some people like to use a color-coding system or a numbering system. 

Label every box clearly. Include the following details on the boxes:

  • Contents of Each Box
  • Which Room the Box Belongs in
  • Which side of the Box is Up

When Should You Start Packing to Move?

The time for packing depends on the size of your household. The earlier you start, the better it is for you. Don’t leave the packing for the last days before your move. You are highly likely to miss out on important stuff and may end up not packing your items properly. Whenever possible, take your time to pack.

Most households can start packing 3 weeks before the moving date. But, if you have a ton of items to take along with you, you may want to start packing at least a month before.

Make a plan about what items get packed first. Here is a sample timeline you can follow:

Three Weeks Before You Move

Pack things that you won’t need again before your move. Start packing items in your storage areas like the garage and basement and out-of-season items and clothes.

You can pack your collectible items and decorative pieces at this time. Pack all the tools and equipment that you don’t use regularly.

Two Weeks Before You Move

Two weeks prior to your move, start packing items like books, gadgets, specialized kitchen equipment, hobby items, and office supplies.

One Week Before You Move

Start packing items in your kitchen, closets, bedrooms, electronics, drawers, and cabinets. Go through every corner of your home to make sure you don’t leave important items behind.

Leave only essential items out like linens, a few clothes, etc.

Pro Tip: Don’t seal the boxes containing items that you frequently use until the day before your move. You might need these items and can easily take them out and put them back in the box.

One Day Before Your Move

Pack your furniture, your last household items that are still unpacked, toiletries, laptop, and phone chargers, etc. Be sure to get a good night’s rest, and you are ready to move to your new place.

Moving can be daunting, but the right planning and preparation can cut down stress and can save your energy and time.

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