How to Make Moving in Arizona Easier

April 8, 2020

Does the thought of moving in Arizona give you a headache and send you a little bit into panic mode? Do you dread trying to find Arizona movers, packing up your whole house and then unpacking it again and getting settled? We get it. But moving doesn’t have to be as bad as all that. In this article, we offer three suggestions for making your move in Arizona an easier, more pleasant experience.

Lighten the load

Before you hire movers in Arizona, we recommend working to purge everything in your home that you don’t need. Moving really is the perfect time to declutter your home, get rid of things you keep saying you’ll use but don’t, and ultimately lighten the load for your Arizona movers. 

Here’s one way to do it. Choose a day where you have nothing planned and can spend the whole day dispositioning your belongings. Create three areas to collect items labeled “Keep,” “Donate” and “Trash.” You can do this somewhere indoors, in the garage or in your driveway; somewhere open where you have room to stack items. Next, it’s time to start purging. This is the time to go room by room making decisions about which item goes on which pile. If your kids are old enough, consider having them deal with their own rooms to make them part of the process. 

During this purging process it will help to be very honest with yourself about the items you’re going to keep. Do you really need two food processors? Can you make do with just ten spare towels instead of twenty one? Make it your goal to keep just those things you really need to simplify your move and prevent the creation of clutter in your new home.

Pack Smart

Once you have everything purged and you’re down to just those items you really want to keep, it’s time to get packing. This is one activity you do not want to procrastinate about or you will be stressed beyond belief as moving day draws near. A great approach to packing is to plan to have each family member pack one box a day. Packing one box is easy and fast so anyone can adhere to a one-box-a-day schedule. You’ll love the satisfaction of seeing packed boxes stacking up as moving day approaches. If you set this kind of reasonable daily packing goal, you’ll be amazed at how much easier packing becomes. It gets much harder and more stressful when you try to finish it in just a day or two.

The alternative to packing yourself is to hire your movers to pack for you. This is such a nice thing to do for yourself as it removes the majority of stress from your move. Just be sure to choose wisely – you want to hire a reputable moving company to pack your home; one that will take the utmost care with your belongings. When it comes to making the decision to hire a moving company to pack your things, take into account the amount of time you’ll save and the amount of stress you’ll avoid as opposed to packing yourself. It never hurts to get a packing estimate from yoru movers – you may be surprised at just how reasonable it can be.

Go with your gut

When it comes to hiring movers in Arizona, we recommend going with your gut. This is not the time to hire the cheapest movers in town. After all, this is your entire life they’ll be moving! Instead, listen to what your gut says about the company’s professionalism, the employee’s demeanor, the company’s reviews as well as the cost. All of these things should factor into your decision.

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