How to Make Moving Fun for Kids: Top 10 Tips

July 11, 2023

Moving can be a challenging experience for everyone, especially for children. The thought of leaving their familiar environment, saying goodbye to their friends, and starting over in a new place can be overwhelming. However, as parents or guardians, there are ways to transform this seemingly daunting process into an exciting adventure. Let’s dive into the top ten tips to make moving fun for your little ones!

1. Turn Packing into a Game

Who said packing has to be boring? Turn it into a fun game! Challenge your kids to see who can pack their room the fastest or sort items into categories. Not only will it make the process more enjoyable, but it will also help speed up the packing process.

2. Create a Moving Playlist

Music has a wonderful way of lifting spirits. Create a moving playlist filled with your children’s favorite upbeat songs. Sing and dance along while packing. This lively atmosphere will not only make the process enjoyable but will also create lasting family memories.

3. Let Your Kids Decorate Their Moving Boxes

Allow your children to personalize their moving boxes. Provide them with colorful markers, stickers, or paints to create their masterpieces. It’s a creative way to get them excited about packing and moving their belongings.

4. Plan a Farewell Party

Throw a farewell party to give your kids a chance to say proper goodbyes to their friends. Keep it light and enjoyable – perhaps with a theme your kids love. This celebration can provide closure and make leaving their old home a little easier.

5. Read Children’s Books About Moving

There are numerous children’s books that tackle the topic of moving. These stories can help your kids understand and process their feelings about the transition. Some great options include “Alexander, Who’s Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean It!) Going to Move” by Judith Viorst and “The Berenstain Bears’ Moving Day” by Stan and Jan Berenstain.

6. Create a Scrapbook of Memories

Before the move, spend a day creating a scrapbook filled with pictures and keepsakes from your old home. This activity can be both fun and therapeutic, allowing your kids to express their emotions about the move while preserving memories of their old home.

7. Explore the New Neighborhood Virtually

Take advantage of technology and explore your new neighborhood virtually with your kids. Look for parks, schools, and other interesting places. Making a list of places they want to visit can build anticipation and excitement about the move.

8. Plan a Treasure Hunt in the New House

Once you’ve moved into the new house, plan a treasure hunt to help your children get acquainted with their new home. Hide small surprises around the house and watch their delight as they explore their new surroundings and find hidden treasures.

9. Allow Them to Arrange Their New Room

Involving your kids in arranging their new room can make them feel more at home. Let them choose where to place their furniture and how to organize their belongings. It’s a small but effective way of giving them a sense of control in the move.

10. Celebrate the First Night in the New Home

After a long day of moving, plan a fun celebration for your first night in the new house. This could be as simple as a family movie night with popcorn or a special dinner. The celebration will give everyone something to look forward to and help create positive first memories in your new home.

Remember, your attitude towards the move can greatly influence your children’s feelings. If you approach it as an exciting adventure, chances are, your kids will, too. With these ten tips, moving can be less about stress and more about making fun memories together as a family. Happy moving!

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