Hiring a Moving Company for a Military Permanent Change of Station(PCS): An Essential Guide

September 13, 2022

Are you in the military and have been given permanent change of station (PCS) orders? If so, it’s crucial to hire a moving company that understands the unique needs of military families. A military moving company has the experience and resources to make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. 

However, with the many moving companies offering military moves, how do you pick the right one?

Why Opt for a Personally Procured Move (PPM)?

When asked to move to a new duty station, should you let the government move you or opt for a Personally Procured Move (PPM)?

A PPM is essentially a DIY move, where you use a professional moving company instead of government-contracted movers.  When you opt for a PPM, the government will compensate you at a percentage of the rate it would cost the Department of Defense (DoD) to relocate you using their contracted movers. 

The rate is usually 95%, but the government increased it temporarily to 100% in 2020. The government-contracted movers undergo a competitive process to win the contracts, explaining the relatively low prices.

Finding a mover to handle every aspect of your move can be challenging for the amount you will receive from the government. However, suppose you need help with only a part of the move, like loading, unloading, and driving the moving truck. In that case, a PPM where you hire another moving company to handle part of the job would be an excellent option.

Tips to Choose the Best Military Moving Company for Permanent Change of Station

The first step to choosing a moving company is research. Go online and check the reviews of various military movers. You want to work with a trustworthy moving company. 

Look for movers with positive reviews while being careful not to fall for fake reviews. 

You can also find a good military mover by asking your military colleagues. If you know someone in the armed forces that moved recently, ask them about the mover they used and whether they delivered satisfactory service. 

Communicating with your prospective moving company is critical to ensuring a positive experience. Ask the following questions before you settle for a military moving company:

  • Do you have a valid license and insurance?
  • How long have you been in the moving business?
  • Do you have experience with PCS moves?
  • How does your moving service work?
  • Do you offer a comprehensive estimate?
  • Who will handle the move from the beginning to the end?
  • Will you help pack my stuff?
  • Do you offer any form of insurance to your customers?

Asking the right questions will help you make the best decision when choosing a military moving company. The right mover will work closely with you to create a personalized moving plan to meet your specific needs. 

Learn About Our Military Moving Services

Now that you know how to choose a good military mover, you want to ensure you choose a company you can trust. If you are looking for a professional mover knowledgeable about the Department of Defense guidelines, look no further than Sterling Interstate.

We are a military moving company based in Phoenix, Arizona, with exceptional customer service and extensive experience handling military moves. We have the resources necessary to ensure you have an efficient and hassle-free moving experience to your new duty station. 

Call us at (602) 643-9022 today to learn more about our service and get a free quote

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