Four Things to Consider Before Long-Distance Moves

August 2, 2022

Long-distance moves are a part of life for many professionals and students across America.

As the leading professional mover in Arizona, our experts entertain hundreds of questions from people. Most of them are just finding out that an interstate move is radically different from local moves that go from one city block to another. We are proud to be a reliable resource for information about the moving process as our logistic experts, drivers, and packers have been doing it for decades.

We believe that finalizing a decision with your family and adapting to a new environment is challenging enough without detuning your piano inside a self-rented trailer or finding out that your jewelry ended up in the wrong ZIP code. 

Following these four rules help us ensure long-distance moves remain stress-free and cost-efficient for hundreds of clients every year.

1. Planning for Long-Distance Moves Begin Two Months Before Moving Day

Finalize your decision for long-distance moves at least eight weeks before moving day. This extra time will allow you and your family to adjust to lifestyle changes, get the best binding estimates from local professional movers, and decide which items to throw out or keep in your new residence.

Single people with no dependents, like young professionals, students, and researchers, can get away with allotting only one month for planning. However, larger families have more risk factors to consider and decisions to discuss. They have also been accumulating a lot more stuff with sentimental value, making DIY hauling a risky option.

2. Choose a Good Location

Over our years of service to Arizona residents, we find many clients are still considering multiple neighborhoods to settle into less than a month before moving. Giving yourself time to explore different areas and decide on the best location for you and your family requires considering multiple factors.

When choosing a location, you should consider more than which schools and grocery shops are nearby. You also need to look at median incomes in the area, crime rates, and real estate costs. 

3. Prepare Your Budget

Long-distance moves require more funds for gas, rental vehicles, and moving supplies compared to local ones, so creating a budget should be one of the first items on your to-do list. You might also have to provide lodging for friends and family members helping you to move across states. Working with a professional mover ensures you take minimal time off work by providing packing tape, bubble wrap, dollies, newspapers, and accurate quotes for labor and materials in under 30 minutes.

4. Moving House Plants Long-Distance

A significant part of moving is getting rid of the things you can live without and donating them to charity or putting them through a garage sale. Moving house plants long-distance requires jumping through legal hoops, especially if you’re moving to a new country. Many clients choose to re-pot and sell them to other green thumbs in their neighborhood.

The decluttering process can be challenging for families that attach sentimental value to old musical instruments, children’s toys, and clothes. However, they might be given new life under the care of other individuals who will not lock them away in an attic or a self-storage facility. Putting your heavy items like washers, dining tables, and couches for sale will also allow you to update them.

Work with the Leader Among Long Distance Residential Moving Companies in Arizona

Long-distance moves can get so physically demanding and time-consuming. Working with long-distance residential moving companies like Sterling Interstate can lighten your workload. Call us at (602) 643-9022 for a free consultation.

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