Five Tips for Moving Valuables

October 10, 2022

Whether you’re moving across the country or somewhere in your area, it’s vital to be careful when packing and moving valuables. Here are five moving tips that can help you move your valuables safely, giving you peace of mind and reducing your chances of losing essential items during the moving process.

1. Make a List of Important Items Before You Pack

Before starting the packing process, it’s a good idea to list all of the valuables you intend to take with you to your new home. If you’re moving to a new house, this list should include all the items you plan to bring into your new space. Labeling boxes is an excellent way to avoid stress during your first days in your new home.

As you’re planning for the moving process, you should also consider the unique needs of your valuables. For example, think about the type of items you plan to move and how you can minimize the risk involved in moving those items to your new home. Try to reduce the trips you need to make and consider using a professional mover to simplify the process.

2. Pack Carefully Before Moving Antiques or Other Valuables.

It’s crucial to ensure that you pack fragile items in sturdy cardboard boxes to protect them against breakage during the moving process. In addition, it’s a good idea to use multiple boxes or additional padding for each fragile item to ensure it arrives safely at your new location.

This strategy is particularly crucial for protecting your valuables during long-distance moving, as many valuable items can suffer damage from vibrations during long trips. If you’re moving antiques or anything else especially delicate, you may want to explore specialized shipping options.

3. Purchase Insurance for Your Items

When planning to move, it’s vital to consider the value of each item in your home and the level of risk involved in transporting it from your old home to your new one. In some cases, you may want to take out an insurance policy to protect your items from damage or loss during the moving process. Purchasing insurance is especially wise for transporting high-value items like electronics or art.

Insurance policies reimburse you for the item’s value if damage occurs while moving valuables, allowing you to recover the cost of your lost items or even purchase a replacement without putting additional stress on your wallet. There are many different insurance policies available for all types of valuables, so it’s a good idea to talk to an agent to find the best coverage for your needs.

4. Use Safe Transportation Methods During the Move

When you begin your move to a new home, you’ll likely need to rent some form of transportation to get your items to your destination. This transportation often takes the form of a rental car, moving truck, or van, but many specialized companies offer moving services that can significantly reduce the cost of your move. For example, some moving companies provide transport and packing services to help you minimize the time and effort you need to devote to the moving process.

5. Hire a Professional Moving Company

If you want to reduce the risk of damage to your valuables as much as possible, hire the experts at Sterling Interstate. Packing and moving are stressful, but we can make it significantly easier for you and your loved ones while safely moving valuables to your new home.

We proudly provide affordable and reliable services that help simply every move, whether to a new state or across town. Call us at (602) 643-9022 to discuss options or explore our website further for more information.


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