Five Packing Hacks For Your Next Move

February 8, 2022

Nail your next move with these packing tips.

Moving day can be stressful. Between the cleaning, decluttering, and sorting, it’s hard to make those difficult choices of what is coming with you and what can be replaced once you’re settled somewhere else. 

Then comes the actual packing– all the scattered clothes and sentimental trinkets. The fragile electronics and heavy lifting– it’s no wonder people loath moving or outsource the work whenever feasible. But packing doesn’t have to be the hardest part of your new journey.

Preparing for a big move? Here are five packing tips to help your move go smoothly.

Disassemble Your Furniture 

Depending on your living space, packing your furniture is likely the most time-consuming and physically draining part of a move. Don’t cheat yourself and try to get it done faster by stuffing all your big items in your vehicle. Take your time and disassemble your desks, shelves, and other IKEA furniture before you begin packing.

Make sure to keep all the hardware in a plastic bag and pack it together with the bigger pieces. Piling boxes on top of your furniture may seem like it’s saving space, but it’s also causing damage to your belongings.

Use New Boxes

If you’re like me, you probably have lots of unpacked and unused boxes laying around from your last move. But recycling old boxes isn’t always your best bet.

Whenever possible, use new, labeled boxes. Recycling old boxes may seem resourceful. However, used boxes are rarely structurally sound (due to being stored in damp places like basements, closets and attics) and are not worth the risk of breaking. Used boxes can also have previous labels that, even when crossed out or written over, can be a mess to read.

Labeling your boxes (with a label maker or marker) will make it easier to take inventory both pre and post-move. Electronics can be stored in their original boxes if you still have them, but the boxes should likely be reinforced with tape to ensure sturdiness.

Use Plastic Bins 

Plastic bins are another great hack for storing light items or items that may not need immediate unpacking. Plastic bins are good because they are durable, compact and can be typically reused multiple times before needing to be replaced. 

Important paper documents, household trinkets, and lawn and seasonal decorations can be better suited for bins than boxes, as they will likely be stored rather than unpacked at the next destination. Similarly, plastic bins are ideal for garage, attic, and/or basement storage in areas where water/flooding damage is common.

Tape your Boxes

You may think you’ll be fine with a shoddy tape job or leaving some boxes open. But not taping your boxes correctly is a recipe for a disastrous move. 

My best tip? Don’t go stingy on the tape. I can’t begin to tell you how many times a move has gone bad because someone used the wrong or not enough tape. 

Tap every box at the flaps, even those with heavier items that seem secure without. Objects will shift as you travel. The security of your belongings should be your number one priority. 

Make sure you are using the correct tape. Masking tape and duct tape are NOT for moving. Packing tape is the only tape strong enough to ensure your boxes won’t break in transit.

Take it One Room at a Time

Moving can be like an impending task. A labor of love you suffer through for the reward of a fresh start. For most people, that usually translates to “get it done as quickly and painlessly as possible.” But unorganized packing isn’t necessarily going to save you time and stress.

When you are packing up your old place, try to take it one room at a time. It will make accounting for and unloading items a lot easier on the other side.

If you have more than one person helping out, it’s okay to have different people working in different rooms. Hell, it’s practically essential if you don’t want everyone on top of everyone else. But when it’s time to load your car and/or truck, try to pack all the things from one room at the same time so you’re not looking for misplaced items later.

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