Five Helpful Tips for Moving a Piano

October 4, 2022

Moving a piano can be arduous and challenging, but it can be manageable with the proper preparation and techniques. This article will provide five valuable tips for moving a piano to help you complete the task safely and without any property damage.

These tips can help whether you choose to move your piano yourself or hire professional movers. Still, pianos are heavy and, depending on the type of piano you own, can be challenging to transport, so we’ll also discuss the option of hiring a moving team to handle the job for you.

1. Plan Ahead

Start preparing well in advance of the move date. Many moving companies offer competitive rates for booking jobs in advance, allowing you to save money. However, depending on the destination of your piano, you may need to hire additional movers or a moving truck. Get quotes from several companies to choose the best option for your budget.

2. Inspect the Piano Before the Move

Whenever you move or ship a valuable item like a piano, it’s crucial to document the item’s condition when it leaves your home. This documentation will prevent disputes with insurance or transportation companies if the piano suffers damage during shipping. An excellent way to document the condition of your piano is by taking pictures.

Take photos from multiple angles and close-ups of any existing damage before moving a piano so you can identify new damage if it occurs.

3. Wrap the Piano Properly Before Moving It

Wrapping your piano will protect it from damage and make it easier to transport. Consider hiring a professional piano mover to take care of this task for you if your piano is particularly large or heavy; they will know how to prepare the piano for shipment as effectively as possible.

If you choose to lift a piano yourself, it’s crucial to wrap each piece individually in multiple layers of thick bubble wrap and tape to prevent damage to its finish. Ensure the plastic wrap fits tight around the instrument and does not shift out of place. Once you wrap the piano, you can use blankets or padding to provide additional protection.

4. Transport the Piano Carefully and Safely

When moving a piano, it’s crucial to protect yourself by using the proper lifting technique. If you doubt that you can safely lift the piano, you should hire a professional to move it. If you lift it yourself, get plenty of help from friends or family, and always hold the piano close to your body to keep it balanced and prevent injury.

If you’re moving with a piano, even if you choose to carry the piano yourself, you’ll need a moving truck to transport the instrument. Find a moving truck with plenty of space, so your piano doesn’t scrape against the truck’s sides while driving. It’s also essential to secure the piano in place to avoid damage during transport.

5. Consider Hiring a Moving Company

Multiple factors go into moving an upright piano successfully and safely, so it’s wise to use professional movers whenever possible. Using a reputable moving company will ensure the safe delivery of your piano and give you peace of mind knowing the move will go smoothly.

If you’re moving a piano to a new place, ask our experts for a moving quote. Sterling Interstate is a full-service moving company with the experience and skill to reduce your stress and workload during this transitional period.


For more information, explore our website to read more helpful articles about topics like moving with kids and pets, or give us a call at (602) 643-9022 to learn about our moving services.

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