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Custom Crates for Your Special Items

Own something that gives you anxiety every time you move? That special vase, artwork, or porcelain doll that you think might break every time it gets packed up? Our custom crates box up your anxiety and ship it far away, leaving you worry-free during your move.

Custom crates built specifically for your precious items give you peace of mind and provide the best way to ship your fragile, irreplaceable, or costly items. From the very small to very big, and from the flat to 3D, these delicate belongings are protected in sturdy crates. And all our custom crates are fully custom—built specifically for that item.

We measure your items by hand, in person, and walk you through our process of making each of our individual custom crates. You’ll have complete confidence from the moment it’s secured in the box until it arrives safely at its destination. Every item deserves to come out in the same condition it went in, and custom-built crates are the best way to ensure that happens.

Sturdy, Stackable & Reusable

When we design a crate, we make sure it’s perfectly suited for the specific item it’s built to protect. We also ensure the crate is reusable. If you need to move more than once, you’ll have a crate ready to go—safely moving that item over and over again.

We build every single one of our crates sturdy enough to stack inside a moving truck! There’s no worry about bending or collapsing. All our moving crates exceed industry standards, and our custom crates are no exception.

You don’t have to cross your fingers hoping that your grandfather clock won’t shatter if someone hits the brakes too hard. Or worry that your heirloom china might get crushed when a heavy box is placed on top of it. Your beautiful artwork—and the frame it’s in—will both make it to their destination ready to display in your new home.

custom moving crates

Wrapped with Care for Your Peace of Mind

What we wrap each item in is custom as well. Whatever wrapping materials are the best for an object, that’s what we’ll use—whether it’s blankets, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or carefully “wedging” the item into place. We’ll wrap and pack in the best way possible to keep your belongings safe.

We measure, design, build, wrap and pack everything by hand. So you can focus on the move while we sweat the tiny details of protecting the items you value the most.

Why Choose Sterling Interstate for Custom Crating Services

Specially Designed for Your Items

Each crate is built by hand and designed for your specific items to ensure a perfect fit and a safe trip.

Strong & Sturdy Packing Crates

All our packing crates are built stronger than the industry standard for safe transport in your moving truck.

5-Star Moving Company

We’re a top-rated moving company, so we know how to ensure your special items arrive safely at your new home.

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Crating Services

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