Choosing the Right Boxes for Your Packing Needs

April 16, 2019

Packing for a big move can be stressful. The thought of keeping everything organized and safe is overwhelming! One major packing mistake that leads to stress is choosing the wrong boxes. Want to save on packing time and stress? Keep reading to learn how to choose the right boxes for your packing needs!

Small Boxes

Small boxes are great for packing heavy or fragile items. For instance, a book by itself is not heavy (unless it’s an IRS tax code book), but a library of books will be as heavy a gym filled with weights and equipment! True story: A member of our moving staff once experienced an overstuffed large box of books. Can you guess what happened? The box ripped at the seams, expelling the cumbersome literature all over the ground. Books can get extremely heavy in a large or even medium sized box. Similarly, dishes can become heavy if packed in a large box. We implore you to please be kind to your mover, dishes, and books and use a small box for your next move.

Medium Boxes

Knickknacks, lamp shades, clothes, and kitchen counter items (coffee maker, toaster) are all superb for medium boxes. It’s important when packing to find the balance between what safely fits and the weight of each box. This a popular box size because of the diversity of items that can be fit while maintaining a reasonable weight.

Large Boxes

Large boxes are best for light items such as bedding, pillows, lamps, and some pantry items. Larger items that cannot fit in a small or medium box, such as cooking trays, can be packed in large boxes. Place the large items at the bottom of the box and then fill the box with lighter items such as pillows. Be sure to fill every box to the top. You want to utilize space, increase strength, and ensure nothing will shift during transport. A box that is not packed to the top can get crushed with the weight of items on top of it.

Wardrobe Boxes

The largest of the boxes are wardrobe boxes. These beauties aren’t just for keeping your clothes from getting wrinkled. For example, wardrobe boxes work great for transporting yard equipment. Alternatively, tall side table lamps that won’t fit in a large box can be blanketed and packed together in a wardrobe box. These boxes are also great for saving space because you can stack lighter items on top of them.

Other Important Notes

You want to be sure to not overpack your boxes. It’s also a good idea to seal your boxes with tape. Although folding your boxes closed may be tempting, sealing is a safer option. Sealing and not overstuffing will lessen the risk of damage during the move.

If you’re using plastic bins, use your best judgment. They generally are harder to fill and are more susceptible to damage because of their lack of strength. Whether you’re using boxes or bins, every move should be packed and loaded tight without overstuffing or cramming.

Packing for a big move? Don’t stress! Choosing the right boxes for your packaging needs will save you time and energy!

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