7 Tips for a Smooth Long Distance Move

July 22, 2021

Any move can be stressful, but long-distance moves especially so. There’s the potential for culture shock, weather and temperature differences, and maybe even a lack of food you really like. Here’s a handy list of things that you can do to make your long-distance move as easy as possible for you and your interstate moving company. 

Know where you’re going

What’s the place you’re moving to like? What kind of weather and temperatures will you experience? If you’re moving to Alaska, don’t bother bringing 18 pairs of shorts, and if you’re moving to Florida, leave your snowshoes behind. 

Additionally, your new home may be spatially different to your old one, so make sure that you’re only bringing things that can fit/are needed for your new place. 

Make lists

The easiest to use yet hardest working tool in any move, lists. Lists will make everything a whole lot easier. Make a list of what you want to keep, what you want to donate, what you should recycle, and what to throw away. This will really streamline your move and keep headaches away. 

Get help

There really is no better way to move long-distance than to get the help of an interstate moving company. Not only will they have experience with handling any and all of your belongings, but they’ll have lots of great advice for any of your concerns. Hiring a well-established and reputable interstate moving company will also give you peace of mind. 

Interstate movers often offer moving insurance, which gives you another layer of security for your precious items. 

Label everything

This will make it easier not only for you but for your interstate moving company as well. Labels help you group similar items together, help your interstate movers know what to be super careful with, and will also help when you’re unpacking.
Adding your name to all of your boxes also means that you can avoid your boxes getting mixed up or misplaced. You could even consider adding your number or new address. 

Have important documents sorted out

Long-distance moves, whether in the country or out of it, usually need you to have your important documents valid and ready. Make sure that your passport, driving license, documents for your pets, and any other important documents are ready for your move. Your important documents will need to be updated with your change of address before you actually make the move. This is a really important step that you shouldn’t take lightly! 

Pack the right way

Packing your items for long-distance travel is quite different from regular packing. An example is that fragile items should be wrapped with even more care than normal, like with extra packing peanuts, brown paper, bubble wrap, or clothing. 

Check, check again, and check again.

Check that everything in your ‘to bring’ list is packed away as you’re packing, and then again once you’re done packing, and then once again as you’re about to move. This can provide you with some peace of mind!

With these tips, your long-distance move will be a piece of cake, and you can focus on enjoying your wonderful new home! 

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