5 Factors for Budgeting Your Upcoming Move

April 19, 2021

Did you know that 40 million Americans move each year? And the cost of moving house can balloon if you’re not careful. If you’re planning for an upcoming move you might be stressing out. That’s because, according to a recent stress test, moving houses is one of life’s most stressful events. We’re going to help you with one of the biggest factors when planning your upcoming move, your budget. Before you start planning anything, take the time to consider these five potential expenses and you’ll be ready to budget for a smooth move.

1. Will You Need to Hire Movers or Drivers?

Will you move your belongings yourself, or hire professionals? Within this question, there are three possible answers you might have.

  • Will you pack all your belongings yourself and then also drive them to your new home yourself?
  • Or you could pack yourself and then hire movers to drive your belongings to the new location. This can be a great option if you’re moving to a new state but want to keep the costs down.
  • Lastly, you could hire professionals to come into your home and pack all your belongings for you. They will then drive your stuff to your new residence.

Moving house can be stressful, by hiring professionals you take some of the burdens off yourself. And if you’re moving because of your job, they might pay for this expense. So, consider all your options as you plan your move as moving a house on a truck is a big job.

2. Do You Need Packing Supplies?

If you’re not moving far, this question could save you plenty of money. Look around do you really need to purchase brand new packing supplies? Or could you repurpose towels and bedding to wrap around your kitchen dishes and cookware?

If you do need supplies, do you need them to be new? Can you ask around if any friends have moved recently and still have some leftover supplies? Use all your resources and you can save some money easily.

3. Will You Need to Hire Cleaners?

After you’ve packed all your life’s possessions into boxes and onto a truck, the last thing you want to do is go back and clean. When you’re moving house cleaners can save you plenty of time. However, this is an extra expense.

4. Will You Need to Store Your Belongings?

Is your new home going to be ready immediately or will you have to wait before you can move in? Look into where you’re going to store your belongings in the meantime.

5. Will You Need Childcare or Lodging?

Cross-country moves are hard on adults. But they can be worse on your kids and also your pets. Consider them before you start planning the move.

Can you possibly hire childcare for the day of the move so they aren’t underfoot? Older kids might want to be involved so they know their valuables also made it onto the truck.

Have these conversations now so you’re aren’t scrambling at the last minute. Also, consider where you’ll stay, especially if you’re moving far away. This can be an extra expense you didn’t think about, so plan ahead.

Budget Your Upcoming Move and Plan Ahead So You Can Move with Ease

Moving into a new house can be exciting filled with plenty of new opportunities. with a little planning, the budget doesn’t have to balloon out of control. Take the time to answer these questions now so you can start planning for a successful move.

And if your upcoming move will involve hiring professionals, check out these five questions you need to ask before you hire.

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